Saturday, October 16, 2010

In Medias Res - into the middle of things

I have been thinking about writing a blog for as long as I have known blogs to be in existence.  I guess that would be about three years or so.  But the thing is, I always thought there had to be a "perfect" time to start my blog.  Either it was the start of a school year, the start of a triathlon season, the start of a new diet.  And it seemed that I would never remember at the start of anything, so I never started it.

The term "in medias res" is latin for into the middle of things.  I am a high school English teacher, and my students sometimes have trouble beginning a piece of writing.  And my advice always is "in medias res."  And of course they look at me as if I have just starting speaking in tongues and my head has spun around several times.  But then I explain -- just start in the middle.  I advise them that it's better to jump right into the action.

So I am taking my own advice -- I'm jumping right into the action.  In this blog.

It's not the beginning or end of my triathlon season.  In fact, it's three weeks into my mandatory rest period.  It's not the beginning of my school year -- progress reports are due on Monday and I'm not done yet. Yikes.  It's right in the middle of nothing and everything and like the title of my blog - I'm trying for everything.

I'm not going to stuff my first post with background stuff.  I'll try and flashback as we go.  I'm deathly afraid if I front-load all the background stuff, I'll end overwhelmed and with nothing at all.

Blah, blah, blah.

Tomorrow -- I resume training.  I am a triathlete and I am finding myself a little tooooooo comfortable with my mandatory break.  Thank goodness for my new friend Jen!!!!!  She is this super fit amazing runner/triathlete/fitness nut that I recently met at my final triathlon of the season and I am going running with her tomorrow and maybe her little munchkin - Lola.  Every time I say her name I also sing the song in my head.  LOLA, la la la la la LOLA.  What a GREAT name!  And can I just say she is super cute and super smart?

My birthday was Tuesday and I got a brand new Garmin that I have been coveting all season.  Thank you honey!  And Jen, Lola and I went to Maine Running Company to spend my B-day $ on a new pair of running sneakers.  I am thrilled that I have been moved out of the super supportive (aka memere-ish looking) stability range and downgraded into the only slightly overpronating line of sneakers.  Much cuter options!

I ended up with the Saucony Glide -- with metallic blue on the sides.  I got talked into a pair of running socks which will probably start a new obsession with Balega Endurance socks.  It doesn't take much.  I also tried on racing flats and checked out a fuel belt.  LOVE, love, love running gear.

Anyway -- my goals for this fall's off season of triathlon are:
  1. focus on running (weakest event)
  2. strength training (starting with Insanity -- crazy, I know)
  3. improve swim technique (Total Immersion clinic with Celeste St. Pierre)
So tomorrow -- I start back into running.  I'm only doing 3.5 to 4 miles at a 9.5 min/mile pace.  And I'll now know my pace because I'm trying out my new GARMIN!!!!  Yea!!! Instead of attempting to do the math in my head when I hit an approximate mile marker.  Very scary. I go.  :)  I'll fill you in about my tri history and my racing obsession and my school life and my fam....and.....I'll save it all for other posts.


  1. welcome to bloggyville~I'm looking forward to following (and being a part of) your adventures! :)
    Here's to some great training sessions, lot of laughs, many miles and TRI-ing to keep it all in balance!

  2. Hi Dawn! Where do you teach? You know I live in Ocean Park for most of the summer, and my sister lives in Saco! (over off Boom Road--)
    We need to train together in the summer!
    En medias res--the Illiad.
    I remember that lesson from my high school days!
    It is the only way to start a blog...

  3. Mary! I have been reading your blog for over a year. Sorry for just being a lurker. You are a terrific writer and I LOVE your blunt, honest posts. It's funny because I remember you blogged about running and biking in Saco and I wondered why you were here.

    I run down to Ocean Park ALL the time. I live right off Ocean Park Rd. in Saco and it's exactly 2.3 miles from my house to the end of Temple Ave. Woohoo -- I would love to train together this summer.

    I teach at Biddeford High school -- almost ten years now. I'm the department chair and whenever you are ready to drop the trigger, move back to Maine, and start teaching high school........ :)