Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Favorite Photos

Happy New Year!!!  And the best way I know to look forward -- is to look back a bit.  Today I look back at my year in photography.  I do some part-time photography in my spare time (yeah right - what spare time?)  And I rarely look back at photos from the year -- they just languish and die in the microchips of my computer hard drive.  It's good to reflect on what on what was done well and not so well.  I won't share the "not-so-well" -- I've already reflected on those.  But I will share a few of my others.

My FAVORITE photo sessions are of high school seniors!  There are only a few times in your life when I really believe you need to do a "formal" photo session - when you are born, when you get married and when you become a senior in high school.  I love high school kids during the summer before their senior year.  They are excited about FINALLY becoming a senior and at the same time a little bit nervous and feeling vulnerable about their future.  I love to capture that in a portrait.

Some of these photos have never been seen by anyone other than the senior and me.  Some of these photos are not ones the client chose so they would just live in my computer files forever.  I tend to like some of the more artistic, more unconventional portraits - but that isn't always the way high school seniors' see themselves.

Tomorrow -- I'll do a look back at the year in general.  I probably should have done this last week.  But now that is 2011 - it is truly a "look back" at the year of 2010!

Happy 2011!!


  1. Such beautiful work Dawn !! You're such an artist, truly!

  2. What great pictures! You are so talented. :-)

  3. Ya know, I have never had a chance to view your work--you are very talented :)
    Great work

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